Wednesday, September 24, 2008

last years xmass concert does any one have any photo's?

Aika / Date & Time:
Perjantai 14. joulukuuta 2007, 16:00 - 22:00 / Friday, December 14, 2007, 4pm - 10pm

Paikka / Place:
Kuvanveisto-osasto / Department of Sculpture, Mechelininkatu 32, 00260 Helsinki

- Nestori Syrjälä: performative sound installation
- Jarkko Räsänen: contrabass solo
- Marko Timlin + Merja Nieminen: audio-visual performance
- ScholarShape: improvisation by the students of European Course for Music Composition and Technology
- Lauri Wuolio: Laugh!
- Kresimir Popovic + Shinji Kanki: duo
- Halldor Ulfarsson: halldorophone solo
- Pilvari Pirtola: solo
- Sinem Baykal: Broken glasses
- Ibrahim Terzic + Mor Monsen: (guest appearance)
- Atle Larsen + Tuomo Tarkiainen: performative sound time-lapse installation
- IKIHEVONEN: (guest appearance)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

update 2008

well we are still here!!!!!

there are gigs comming up very soon.

as soon as some people get back from there own little endeviours. the photos will be updated soon along with the festival information!!!!!!

please email me if you need to.

kind regards


Saturday, March 04, 2006

performers / sessions


... we have a new venue!!!


kasarmikatu 36
00130 Helsinki

imrovHelsinki Tee-Shirts
after almost 2 years of high-quality intimate performances, we're celebrating by making limited edition improvHelsinki t-shirts - made to-order!!!
These tshirts are made in collaboration with Globe Hope - an ecological Finnish fashion company - and the tshirts are top quality hand-made and hand-printed.
They will be made to order - just email us with your info.

Boys & Girls models - Grey colour Print to Black and White T-Shirts
price - 22€

*COMING UP: 11th session - Sunday 4th November*


Bastards of Consciousness (FIN)

- a collective of Bon Jarno's wet dreams and Hans
Venner's rape phantasies - mutilate your idea of what the feelings of
adolescent youth are.

Sarana (FIN)

Free spirited and vibrative exploration of the personal and transpersonal
undercurrents of the local and global universe.

Fredrik Willberg plays Captain Heroin (FIN)

"I am a passionate synthesist. I used to collect gear for the sake of
having them. During that time i lost control of the creative side of
sound and decided to focus on just one single piece of equipment. In
this case the Korg Microkorg.

With Pure Data i realized that
even if it's a question of total control, the environment gives an option
to "lose control" more than traditional Music software..."

10th session - Sunday 7th October
from 20:00 @ The Barracks, Kasarmikatu 36


Ben Byrne (AUS)

Ben Byrne is a Sydney based laptop musician, curator, radio producer and writer whose work traverses musical performance and improvisation, composition, radiophonics and sound theory.

E. coli K-15 (FIN)

Since bacterium officially named Escherichia coli (kolibakteeri in finnish) was first mentioned in school, the name stuck with me because of my very similar surname.
The bad reputation of E.coli is because of E. coli strain O157:H7. However, E. coli K-12 is actually a friendly bacterium as it can produce vitamins that we require, namely vitamin K.

K-12 is also a film rating in Finland meaning under 12 are not allowed to see these films. K-12 rating is just too lame but, on the other hand, my music is not that harsh noise that it would require K-18 rating thus I settled for a compromise: K-15. So you've been warned...

The method:

No samples, no loops, no sequences, and no overdubs: just single, self designed, chaotic synthesizer implemented with Native Instruments Reaktor. All tracks are recorded in one take. Only postprocessing is the normal mastering effects: compressors, equalizers, reverbs etc.

NAGAmarque (AUS/FIN)

"Mark Fletcher has been hacking away on his ’puter since moving to Europe in 1999 where the constraints of noise regulations in flat-like accomodation meant chucking away the drumkit and the amplifier and getting a pair of headphones. This was initially seen as a shit compromise but as he developed his sound, it actually came as a blessing. He is 80% interested in you not knowing what instrument is what on any of his tunes. The 20% includes snare hits and things like that to oomph up the sound. He now resides in Finland with his family, trying to make some music when possible."


9th session - Sunday 6th May
from klo. 19:30 @ The Barracks, Kasarmikatu 36


Squymph? (FIN)

Squymph? represents an agglomeration of latexoid species gathered
for high frequency, low brow, medium rare, despairing cries of the
squeezed and tortured creature in its rubbery element.

Presented by Rene Kita and his gathering of intrepid volunteers.

Tulasi (FIN/FIN)

... a duo of Kulkija & Kutomo


8th Session - Sunday 1st April
from klo. 20:00 @ The Barracks, Kasarmikatu 36

pop 'n' koch !!!!!!!!! (CRO/GER)

pop: we don't have to be perfect... are we unperfect?
koch: of course we are! but being perfect is boring.
... but tell me pop, is music influencing your emotions?
pop: everything touches emotions... what is music? i think my mum touches my emotions and she is maybe then musician?
koch: my mum... i would like to thank her that she always cooked enough food, i was never hungry in my youth.
pop: what is her favourite musician?
koch: she likes gilbert becaud. do you know he is called "100000 volt guy"?
pop: what are we then? well let's do our best for improvhelsinki 1st of april
koch: we will hit the exact place and exact time.

pop 'n' koch (c) 2007

Bull In a China Shop (FIN)

Bull In a China Shop is the solo performing super-ego of Tomi Pekkola, (a
band member of Markku Lahtelan Sirkus, The Sun Tryst, Paganus & Raptus, and a composer of contemporary music). His sonic playground consists of non-computerized electronic sounds, combined with acoustic instruments & lofi-aesthetics. The improvised performances aim into bringing the out sculptured electronics into a symbiosis with the "plain" instruments by impulses & associations, bending both into the same direction loosely called music. The idea of BIACS is therefore to create sonic mass out of thin air, planned only regarding the choices of instruments & approaches towards electronics, all this however being "a work in progress" & thus changing performance by performance. The moods float somewhere between
ambient/soundscapes, noise & DIY-freejazz.

Friday 23rd March - this years curtain-warming gig
starting klo.20:30, @ The Barracks, Kasarmikatu 36


Selcuk Artut (TUR)

Has a degree in Mathematics from Koc University, Istanbul. He has received his masters in Sonic Arts at Middlesex University, London, UK. He is currently working as a professor of sound and interactivity design at Sabancý University Istanbul. He is a professional musician, produced 3 music albums and a soundtrack with Replikas. Selcuk Artut is also an award winning interactive web site designer ( His research areas are Sound Design, Digital Arts, Multimedia, and Interactivity Design.

Jarkko Räsänen (FIN)

...delicate laptop music...
for further info see:


7TH SESSION - 6th August 2006

An exciting session planned for this month

starting 20:00 as always


Shige Moriya (JPN/USA)

Light and darkness give me the chance to think about beginnings and endings. To create my work is to look for my place. When I see beginings and endings in my work, I feel I am existing here. To me, art is the power of revolution, a way of communication without the distance and the light of knowledge. To put fermentation and the process of settling together is my primary goal.

Luke Callaghan (AUS)

is a musician and sound artist living in Sydney Australia. He has been performing as a solo artist and collaborating with artists over the last few years since graduating study of electronic art and digital media at University.
Through the use of recording, software and improvisation techniques Callaghan creates a mixture of electronic beats, atmospheric textures and digital soundscapes.
Using the laptop connected to game controllers as his chosen interface everything from broken beats to sonic landscapes and found sound material are open to interpretation, manipulation and deconstruction / reconstruction.
Sleep machine is interested in finding a balance between experimentation and traditional song writing techniques and using a mixture of organic, acoustic and electronic sound.

Matt Chaumont (AUS/FIN)

...providing sounds for Shige's video piece. This is the second improvised performance of this nature between Matt and Shige. The first one happenned at The Cave, NYC, 2005.

see you there!


6TH SESSION - 2nd july 2006

Scott Sinclair (AUS)

is surely one of the most elusive figures to arise out of the Australian new music scene. His music has never repeated itself in style or content and his activities have led himself (and others) down a confused trail of difficult live performances and unpopular musics. was also responsible for small black box in brisbane.

inkitaatio (FIN)

this band includes pilvari and tommi from grey park. it it their last gig before pilvari moves to iceland.
they're exciting, dramatic and innovative.

Bon Jarno (FIN)

According to his mother "Bon Jarno is a latent homosexual, just like his
father, and apparently what he calls his 'works of labour' serve as an outlet for his frustration."
all this on a laptop - it could get messy.


5TH SESSION - 4th June 2006

with summer on its way, Improvhelsinki has relocated, and found itself an all-finnish line-up for the month of June.
looking forward to seeing you there!

Hans Kompis (FIN)

is a group founded in May 2006 in Turku. In improvhelsinki it will perform as a duo of Atte Tenkanen and Juha Rantala.

For improvhelsinki, Atte has written an R-script that generates complicated chords thorugh the usage of Markov chains. These chords will work as the core of improvisation and the duo will try to bring them out thorugh MIDI and to combine them with recorded sounds of children and birds, for instance, and live improvisation. We will try to explore some of the different emotions possibly hidden in us but revealed in noises, sounds and musics.

Tukos (FIN)

Tukos-duo was formed in 2004 by Teemu Korpikoski (windinstruments) and Pekka Tuppurainen (electronics and keys). Music of Tukos is a combination of static and minimalistic improvisations flavoured with electronica. The duo was very active in the year 2004 and the year ended when Tukos started the Sibelius Museums concert serie in autumn 2004 receiving good reviews in newspapers. Unfortunately Tukos took a year off 2005 due to busy working with other projects, but in 2006 Tukos has already contributed a track to the Huge Bass: Post It - collection and in the end of 2006 there are more releases expected.

TIM UND STRUPPI - austere slapstick in sound (FIN)
Juuso Paaso (el.guitar, mixer & junk) and Taneli Tuominen
(tenor sax & stuff) hit the gray, fluorescent noises between the lines.
improvising - not jamming - since 2005.


4TH SESSION - 7th May 2006

marko timlin (GER)

“timlin´s main objective is real interaction and improvisation with every kind of electronic device. His music demonstrates a perfect balance between order and chaos. timlin freely breaks the boundaries of composition and improvisation in his non-contradicting mix of organized parts and completely messed up blasts of sound. He allows the audience to witness a dialogue between man and machine.”

(Pink Twins and Petri Kuljuntausta about marko timlin)

Gisli Hvíti (IS)

The Eye, a digital troubador from Iceland. Currently charged with promoting
Icelandic folk-rock band 5ta herdeildin´s new cd worldwide. Will bring
copies of 5ta herdeildin´s new cd "Skipið siglir"

The Eye plays ballads and digital folk rock

iki hevonen (FIN/SWE)

is a free-form gathering in the areas of psychotherapy rock and yoga
Kalle Leino
Antti Ruuhela
Anders Bergman

frederik Arana (FR) Aka - 0_° ---> (nt).

Working with sounds since 1995 starting with feed- back guitar ending
up doing the same with computers,
for an improbable music.
Member of "squidrose/squidraw" an improboyband using a live guitar as
source, which use to play in finland since 2003.
on a visit in Finland, 0_° will improv 15 minutes of::::"feedmetal
hum" for your pleasure.



yerreh-ma the sun the trees the wind the breeze
playing music to kids and the grass

these performers will be creating music by manipulating information taken from the immediate environment.

James Andean (canada)

Koray Tahiroglu (turkey)

Matt Chaumont (australia)

Anders Bergman (sweden)

13:00 - 14:30
bring a picnic and your mum
töölö päiväkoti (100 metres from Leena Kuumola gallery)


3RD SESSION - 2nd April 2006

VerhaverbekeWiderberg (FR/SE)

Antoine Verhaverbeke and Richard Widerberg are both part of the
electronic improvisation scene of Helsinki.
This time they perform together as a guitar duo.
VerhaverbekeWiderberg creates warm textures,
layers and melodies with the guitar as the only source.

Milos Hum (FIN)

”I mix field recordings with electronic and acoustic sounds. Lately I have been interested in old Finnish tango music, spoken word and audio documentaries. I also bought five kilos of old metallic keys for building sound sculptures.

In ImprovHelsinki I will be playing with my good friend Päiviö Peloton, who is a classically trained guitarist with a passion for 80's rock music. Together we will try to build an honest improvised piece of music.

I would like my music to be both experimental and playful.”

Halldor Ulfarsson (IS)
"Halldor, Halldor and Halldor"
Halldor in 2006 plays Halldor from 2003 and 2004 in a rehearsed
performance that really wants to sound good.


2ND SESSION - 5th March 2006

Yira (singapore/germany)
field recordings with electronics processing using max/msp

Juha Valkeapää (finland)
improvised vocal performance

M J Pilvari Pirtola (finland)
playing mixer with cables which are
connected to his own skin, trying to get some sounds out of static

1ST SESSION - 5th Feb 2006

Koray Tahiroglu (Turkey)

is a sound artist, grew up in Istanbul and moved to
Helsinki in 2000 to study at Media Lab UIAH. At the moment, within
the same institution, he is doing a research on modelling human
observable musical activity. He is experimenting on creating possible
environments for generative musical improvisation with experimental
musical instruments and interactive systems that give a possibility
for the audience to participate in an act of improvisation. Composing and
performing electro-acoustic music has been a junction point for all
of his interests in contemporary art.

Squid Rose

(previously known as Squidraw) is a band formed by Fred
Arana (France), Ibrahim Terzic (Bosnia) and Antoine Verhaverbeke
(France) in the summer 2004 for the first Helsinki Placard (music
festival for headphones organized by Mr. Arana himself).

Squid Rose versatile musical territory is situated at the crossroads of
noise rock, free improvisation and real time sound processing.

Squid Rose is about:
- Get together and playing
- Liberating sounds and energies
- Challenging and surprising each other
- (mis)using guitar and computers
- Combining sweat and digital noise

Julien GROSSMANN (france)

Born in 1983

Baccalauréat (A level) : june 2001
DNAP : Diplôme National d’Art Plastique (BA) with congratulations : june
he is very busy little frog playing electronics and classical piano.
who knows what he has planned for this event, but it's sure to be

Friday, March 03, 2006


IMPROVHELSINKI was born on sunday 5th of February 2006

It is a platform designed for bringing together different approaches to experimental media / performance / art with an emphasis on real-time sound and video, creating a fusion of high-quality and gifted interactions.

the first sunday of every month